Boris Johnson Party Big Tits
Boris Johnson party expert

During the first month of The Great ReSet being available online we started hearing rumours that people were screening it to small audiences, from student unions to church halls and tiny cinemas, in as distant places as Sydney Australia, Beijing and Seattle.

People were watching it online and arriving at Midnight Movie screenings or Mid Day Matinees, dressed up as a Space Girl or a Pope or Tadzio or Edna and singing along with the songs, answering questions on screen at the exact same moment, even making sound effects.

Slowly but surely the word is spreading.

This could become the cult movie of 2022.

We booked a screening at London’s famous Prince Charles Cinema – renowned, over the years, as the one place that would screen offensive or outrageous movies (and The Great ReSet is VERY offensive; the ultimate Anti-Woke work of art).

At the last moment, having watched it (and received payment) they cancelled it, refused to screen it (EVER!) and repaid our monies.

But after a time of PanicDemic, where it became impossible to meet in person, this has become a great way to get together, have a laugh. And there are ONLINE virtual screenings as people watch the film simultaneously and film themselves to share the experience with others through “split screen” participation.

Indeed we are calling these multiple viewings a PARTi.

Short for PARTicipation.

Feel free to do the same.

Contact us if you need any information or assistance.